The Dark Side of the World (DSW) is the second collection on the NiftyPlanet platform.

Regardless of our religion, each of us have at least once felt something unknown from the ethereal world.

Mysticism’s special energy is related closely to many areas of art. The DSW collection brings together the works of artists who pay great attention to the mystical part of the world and convey their feelings and perception of this world through their works.

The bright style of the creators, their experience, and their focus on something mystical gives the works collected in the DSW collection a unique meaning.

Our unconscious feelings of this underlying ethereal world, as well as the spiritual journeys endeavored by any of us will reveal each of the works in its own way to each of us.

In the first stage, the collection will be represented by 15 works; 5 works from each creator. The selection of artists for this topic was a major challenge for the NiftyPlanet team. Each artist works in his own style and uses different methods of rendering inherent to professional Digital artists.

We leave the opportunity to add new artists and new works to this collection open. Each drop will be holistically and carefully selected so that any of the works has a special semantic, collectible value and carries uniqueness and energy. At this stage, we open this collection without a specific end date. We plan to continue to add new artworks and new features to the collection as we go forward.

Yes, this NFT world is still alien to the traditional world of art, but with the migration into the digital space, it can add new colors to it as it opens people’s eyes.

As a blockchain team, we set ourselves the task of supplementing art with new features and functionality from the world of high technologies.

Like any path, this collection’s path begins with the first step and planting the first flower in the garden, we begin this journey with you. Together we will find and experience many interesting, unique, and completely new things even for the extraordinarily and progressive world of NFT’s.

Meet the Dark Side of the World collection from NiftyPlanet.

© Nifty Planet 2023
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